With a highly effective yet simplistic result-orientated approach to the prescription and application of treatment skin care, both the Skin Treatment Professional and client alike are able to experience through the functional benefits gains with the use of the Nimue Home Care and Professional Range

The simplistic Nimue 3 Phase System is based on the Core Prescription Home Care and Professional of Phase 1 Basics, Phase 2 Actives and Phase 3 Active Treatments. By following this system, we effectively treat the skin within the deeper layers resulting in a healthier skin. This 3 Phase System is called the Nimue Skin Health Program


ESSEL is an innovative skin care company offering high technological skin care products to its consumers. All our products and brands are the result of extensive research and development and based on the latest innovations in raw materials and cosmeceutical formulations.

Our products have been developed to repair, maintain and restore your skin and can now be enjoyed by every discerning consumer. ESSEL Skin Care treatments are recommended by leading aesthetic practitioners and beauty therapists both locally and internationally.

Now is the time for you to try and enjoy that new skin feeling!


Mama Mio is a high performance face, body and maternity skincare range that offers you Fit Skin For Life: smooth, firm, strong skin, glowing with health and happiness. Fit skin is your skin on its absolute best behaviour, every single day. Fit skin can cope with every challenge life throws at you.


Knowledge about the sun, environment and the ingredients in the products are important.  Product knowledge will empower all family members to understand the importance of skin care.

The long term skin damage is caused by environmental elements ea. the sun, dust, pollen, sweat, smoke, pollution, etc.  The main contributor to skin aging is the sun.  The sun contributes about 80% to the skin aging process.  Skin aging can be controlled.  The controlling elements are; knowledge, routine, products (ingredients) and controlled exposure to the sun. The concentration of the ingredients in the SUNSKIN product range is formulated in coherence with the delicate and sensitive skins.


Tanning begins with you. We believe your tan should be just as unique as you are. We understand that tanning is so much more than light, medium and dark. With MineTan you can customize your bronze glow based on your skin type, tone and desired skin finish. From a golden sun kissed glow to a deep, rich warm dark tan to the deepest, darkest of all ultra dark tans, you are in control. So you can have a tan that's all mine

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