Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root.

Post-Treatment Advice.

Avoid heat treatments for at least 24 hours following waxing. Do not use exfoliating products and loofahs for at least 24 hours after waxing as they may further irritate your skin. Avoid tight clothing after waxing as it may result in irritation and ingrown hairs.

Get Waxed... 

 Bikini Waxes 

R  65     TUMMY LINE Removal of hair line below belly button to bikini line

R135     BIKINI Along the side of bikini only

R200     G-STRING Removal of all hair but leaving a 'landing strip'

R260     BRAZILLIAN Removal of all bikini hair

R300     HOLLYWOOD Removal of all bikini hair plus the buttocks crevice

Leg Waxes

Price includes both legs

Ladies | Gents

R150 | R190     HALF LEG From the top of knee-cap to toes, incl. top of feet and toes

R170 | R210     3/4 LEG From the mid-thigh to toes, incl. top of feet and toes 

R200 | R270     FULL LEG From the upper thigh to toes, incl. top of feet and toes 

Face Waxes

R  70     LIP CHIN BROW / NOSE / EAR each

R210     FULL FACE Full face incl. the lip and eyebrows

 Arm Waxes 

Price includes both arms

Ladies | Gents

R  90| R120    UNDERARM Removal of all hair in the underarm area

R110R140    HALF ARM From above the elbow to the hands, incl. the top of the hands and fingers 

R150| R190    FULL ARM From shoulder to the hands, incl. the top of the hands and fingers

Body Waxes

Ladies | Gents   

             R250      CHEST

             R190      HALF BACK + SHOULDERS 

R140 R180      HALF BACK  

R180 | R220      FULL BACK + SHOULDERS  

R130 | R150      STOMACH